Skin aging is a normal and irreversible process that starts around the age of 30.

Scientists have found three main reasons for aging skin:

* Biological aging – with age, cell activity decreases, metabolism in cells slows down, collagen production decreases. The skin loses its youthful tone and elasticity.

* Exposure to the environment is the number one cause of skin aging – UV radiation. the sun. The sun causes the appearance of age spots and deep wrinkles, reduces the amount of collagen. Other factors affecting skin aging are unhealthy diet, smoking, insufficient sleep, and lack of skin care.

* Menopause – estrogen levels decrease rapidly (a hormone responsible for cell renewal).

Aging skin becomes thinner as its collagen content decreases. Also, aging skin gradually loses its luster, because the thickening keratin layer prevents light rays from being reflected as much as before. With age, the path of cells from the deep layer of the epidermis to the surface of the skin lengthens, and as a result, dead cells do not have time to peel off quickly enough.

Since the skin is not as firm and soft as that of a young person, wrinkles appear as a result of skin sinking. As a result of decreased cell turnover, dark spots may appear on the skin. In addition to reducing the amount of collagen, the amount of subcutaneous fat and bone mass is also reduced. The amount of pigment in the skin is reduced, causing the pigment to spread unevenly in the skin.

Dynamic (mimic) wrinkles at the age of 30-50 arise as a result of the constant work of the facial muscles, i.e. as a result of expressing our emotions – talking, laughing, angry, etc. As a rule, expression lines appear between the eyebrows, horizontal lines appear on the forehead and around the eyes.

Static wrinkles (at rest) – occur at the age of 45-60 and are caused by aging of the skin, exposure to environmental factors, as well as internal factors – diet, metabolism, genetic predisposition, smoking, excessive exposure to sunlight. These wrinkles usually occur around the nose, mouth and eyes.