What is PRP therapy?

PRP-lifting (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a modern procedure for rejuvenating and tightening the skin without surgery, using 100% natural substance – the patient’s own blood plasma.
Plasma enriched with platelets and containing growth hormones is injected into problem areas, stimulating skin renewal, ie skin texture and tone are improved, skin tightens, looks smoother, brighter and more vibrant.
Plasma lifting can be performed on the face, neck, décolleté, hands and scalp to improve hair growth.
The PRP procedure belongs to the field of regenerative medicine and is widely used in orthopedics, rheumatology, dermatology and aesthetic medicine. This method is intended for everyone who wants to undergo a natural and allergy-free rejuvenation course.

How the PRP procedure is performed

The patient is bled intravenously (10-20ml). Platelet-enriched plasma is centrifuged from the blood and injected into the skin by microinjection. Plasma platelets stimulate skin regeneration and help restore skin elasticity.

Indications for plasma therapy
Tired and dry skin
Uneven complexion
Signs of aging
Prevention of aging
Restoring facial contours
Desire to restore the skin after a chemical peel or laser procedure
acne, couperose, post-acne, scars (including stretch marks) and pigmentation
Superficial wrinkles
Skin damaged by the sun and / or signs of aging
Tired and dry skin
Superficial wrinkles
Uneven complexion
Acne scars
Stretch marks
Loose neck skin

Contraindications to the procedure:
blood diseases;
acute infectious diseases;
pregnancy and lactation;
acute kidney disease;
oncological diseases;
exacerbation of herpes
autoimmune diseases

Important information about the procedure:
The results appear within 2 weeks after the procedure.
Do not put on makeup or workout on the same day
Do not wash your hair the same day after the procedure
You are not allowed to go to the sauna and swimming pool for two weeks
For best effect (up to 6 months), it is recommended to complete a course of three procedures at 2-4 week intervals.
Ideally, the procedure is performed in the first half of the day before a meal. If for any reason the patient is unable to give up food, breakfast should be light. In addition, fatty and fried foods should be discontinued the day before plasma therapy.
Improves skin texture and tone
The collagen structure of the skin is restored and the skin becomes more viable, elastic, fuller
The surface of the skin becomes smoother and more even
The procedure takes about an hour in total.

After the procedure:
On the same day, the use of makeup and physical activity is not recommended. The sauna and swimming pool are contraindicated for two weeks.